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With the sunshine and warm weather comes long line ups at garden centres across the country!  Thousands of people jockeying for the best petunias or the brightest patio cushions, often with little thought to how it may affect their long-term plans and resale value.  Backyard improvements definitely need to be based on enjoyment, but if you plan your spending wisely, they can also raise your property values!

Best Backyard Improvements for ROI

Trees – If there is one thing we hear time and again from prospective buyers, it’s that the house is lovely but they feel like they are in a fishbowl.  By putting some of your backyard budget into trees as soon as your can, you’ll create a sense of privacy that will benefit you now and when it comes time to sell.

Simple, low-maintenance landscaping – While we all love to look at a beautiful garden, very few of us want to do the work that it requires.  Usually for a few hundred dollars or less, you can hire a professional landscape designer to provide you with a consultation and a plan that you can then implement yourself.  Just be sure to ask for lots of perennials that return year after year!

A well-built deck – So much of our year in Canada is spent indoors avoiding the chilly weather that when we finally get some sunshine and warmth, we want to be outside – ALL THE TIME!  A deck provides extra living space and keeps your home from carrying on that ‘newly built vibe’ (which is particularily important if your home wasn’t just newly built).

Lighting – Great lighting doesn’t just add value inside a home!  With inexpensive solar lighting and directional spot lights you can create drama and ambiance in your yard.  Similarly, solar chandeliers or candelabras can make a big impact above a seating area, furthering the feeling of another living space!

Irrigation system – While this isn’t always at the top of a buyer’s list, anyone who has lived in a house with an irrigation system instantly knows it’s value!  Not having to remember to water the lawn you just seeded or fuss with a sprinkler that doesn’t want to oscillate is a pretty amazing thing!

Navigating the world of backyard improvements can be fun (and sometimes costly)!  Before you make any major improvements weigh the importance of resale & ROI vs. your enjoyment while living there.  Pools are a great example of this.  While they tend to be one of the more costly backyard projects, they don’t actually increase a home’s value by much.  In fact, depending on where you live, they might turn potential buyers off.  However, you may still choose to put in a pool because your kids or grandkids are avid swimmers and it keeps them busy all summer long.  We suggest rocking an old school pros and cons list when you sit down to do your summer backyard improvement planning.

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