Buying a home is an exciting time filled with many emotions. While emotions can help you as a buyer get fully invested in your search, they can also lead you astray. We have created a home buyers plan for you to keep emotions in check and ensure you are not only making a decision that feels good, but one that is good for your financial health as well.

What’s expected of us

We know how important buying a home is that is why we believe that honestly and transparency are so vital in a REALTOR®/client relationship. Here’s what you can expect:

An Education
The real estate market can seem complex and sometimes nonsensical! It’s our job to make sure that you have all the facts that we do, that you know how to evaluate a potential home and that you know just what you can expect to find in your price range.

Listings as soon as they hit the market
While MLS® is an amazing tool, it does have a bit of a lag time between when a property actually gets listed on the individual real estate board system and when you can view it on With a little bit of information, we can send you listings, tailored to you, as soon as they hit the market giving you a leg up on buyers relying solely on MLS®.

The benefit of REALTOR® networking
If you thought getting listings as soon as they hit the market was fast, you’ll love this benefit! We actively develop connections with other REALTORS®, making it our job to know what properties they are getting ready to list so that we can get you access before they are on the market.

Guide you through showings
Viewing potential homes can be rife with mixed emotions. Our job is to help you keep your goals at the forefront so that you can see what meets your needs and expectations, while wading through the glitz and glamour of a staged home. We keep a keen eye out for potential problem spots, as well as give you ballpark costs for improvements that you may look to make after purchase.

Help you craft a winning offer
When you’ve found the perfect property, we go over comparable properties with you to determine a reasonable offer, as well as outline all potential conditions that could be added to the offer and decide on the right ones for you.

Contract negotiations
Often one of the most stressful situations for a buyer, negotiations are our chance to shine! We pride ourselves at being strong negotiators, keeping our cool at the negotiating table so you don’t have to. Your interests are always our number one priority!

Your sidekick during the conditional period
Once you offer has been accepted there are typically plenty of things to deal with in a short window of time. We’ll be there with you through home inspections and rural property water tests, making sure you understand what is happening each step of the way.

Provide top-notch recommendations
We know that when you want a job done, the last thing you want to do is research and interview contractors, painters, mortgage agents and more. We work with some great people who are pros at what they do and they’d be happy to help.

The real estate market really is a living, breathing thing with frequent changes. We believe it’s important to keep you ‘in the know’ in order for you to make the best decisions. Our team communicates with you on a regular basis to share information, offer guidance and get your feedback so we can provide the best and most personalized experience possible!

Our ‘no pressure’ attitude
You can fall in love with the first property you see or we could enjoy quite a few coffees viewing properties together. Either way, we want you to love the house you choose. We create a comfortable no pressure environment with your end goal in mind.

What’s expected of you

To provide you with amazing, personalized service, we need to know a little about you and your needs for us to tailor our home buyers plan. Here’s what we expect from you:

Honesty, with yourself and us
One of the biggest challenges in the home search for most buyers is actually narrowing down what is a want and what is a need for them. Take time to figure out what you can’t live with out, what you are willing to compromise on and what you can afford. The quicker we can get those things figured out, the more effective our search can be.

Finding the perfect house can take time, especially at certain times of the year when fewer houses are being put on the market. We’ll help you understand the current housing climate so you can have realistic expectations about the length of search for your ideal property type.

Be flexible for showings
In a fast-paced market, typically spring through early fall, houses that are priced to sell don’t stay on the market too long before they are snapped up. We keep an eye on listings that are put on the market throughout the day, so if we see one that might be right for you we’ll want to get you in there as soon as we can.

Be available for negotiations
Just like with new houses popping up on the market, negotiations can be time sensitive too! All offers or counter-offers come with an irrevocable period, which means that there is a window of time that the offer has to be dealt with. Being available for negotiations speeds up the process and gets you one step closer to your perfect home.


We believe that our home buyers plan will get us started on the right path to finding your dream home. We also know that you are unique and we look forward to personalizing our plan just for you! Give us a call and we’ll show you how we can help you reach your home buying goals.





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