For anyone contemplating the move to Barrie from the GTA, one of the biggest concerns is always about Commuting from Barrie to Toronto. To be honest, it was one of our biggest concerns when we made the move too!

The thought of travelling in traffic on Highway 400 in the middle of a blizzard is enough to make anyone run, but we promise you, there are other options and they are only getting better! Barrie is currently serviced by GO Transit trains and buses, with 70 train trips weekly. However, the great news is that within the next 5 years, this will grow to more than 200 train trips per week, including 30 minute peak-period, peak-direction service to and from Union Station and two-way hourly service to Barrie during midday, evenings and weekends. Simply put, this investment in transit will only make getting back and forth to this beautiful city that much quicker and easier so you can enjoy Barrie’s beautiful waterfront or hike in one the many relaxing outdoor green spaces!

In the spring of 2015, Kathleen Wynne announced a $13.5 billion injection into transit between Toronto and it’s surrounding areas. Included in that is a second track on the Barrie line to accommodate the additional trips for those Commuting from Barrie to Toronto. Initial construction is already underway and completion is expected in 2017.

Barrie’s Mayor, Jeff Lehman, has told residents that we can see improved access to Go Stations, likely including more frequent city transit service, upgrades to GO Station parking lots and enhanced walking and cycling routes around GO Stations.


GO Transit Stations in Barrie

Allandale Waterfront GO Station (Train & Bus)

Barrie Bus Terminal (Bus)

Barrie South GO Station (Train)

Stroud (Bus)

If Commuting from Barrie to Toronto via Go Transit isn’t for you, there are still some alternative driving routes that will keep you off the 400 during rush hour! Depending on your location in Barrie, HWY 27 (Essa Rd), County Rd 56 will provide a scenic and less travelled road from the South West of the city, while HWY 54 (10th Sideroad) offers some back roads from the South East. Travelling down HWY 27 is one of our favourites. It provides a great excuse to grab a Simcoe County staple, Kawartha Dairy ice cream, in the charming town of Thornton (Cookies Ice Cream Parlour is the best).

If all else fails, a personal chauffeur would be a great choice! It could be productive work time… can expense that right?





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