As a REALTOR®, you work hard to build a client base and the thought of referring that client elsewhere isn’t a happy thought. However, we know that depending on where your client is moving from, driving back and forth to Barrie to help them find a home isn’t really an enticing thought either. We’re pretty sure that we are the perfect solution for you!
Here’s why:

We understand that your referrals reflect you

We know that you have put time and effort into developing a relationship with your client. While they may be moving out of your area now, we understand that you want to maintain a positive relationship with your client for their future moves, or those of their family and friends. Our goal is to be an extension of that relationship and treat that client as our number one priority, just as you would.

We don’t believe in cookie cutter service

In a business that often focuses on churning through transactions, you’re clients will find The Fournier Experience a refreshing alternative. We believe that every client is unique with a list of wants and needs specific to them. We take time to understand what they are looking for and create a personalized house hunting approach just for them and on their schedule.

We’ve made the move to Barrie too and we get what’s involved

Formerly from the GTA ourselves, we understand all the ins and outs of moving to Barrie. We’ve spent time searching for the perfect school, exploring parks and trails, figuring out pet licensing and more so that your clients don’t have to! At the heart of it, we understand that it’s hard to leave a city that you call home and try and navigate a new one. We know that sometimes it’s the little things like on road parking rules or every other week garbage pick up that can throw you for a loop. We’ve been there and we survived….and we’ll help your clients get their bearings too!

We believe in reciprocal relationships

Life isn’t a one way street (unless you live in Hamilton…there is an awful lot of those there) and we look forward to finding like minded partners that we can refer our clients to as well.

We’d love to tell you how we can help your clients find their perfect home in Barrie and how we will work to preserve that strong relationship that you have worked hard to build. Call us anytime!

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