- The Reid family | Seller -

“We were just looking for an assessment of the price of our house. That’s it. But from dealing with Cecile who came to our door to Richard who popped over to chat, the experience has been wonderful. He had suggested that if we wanted to sell anytime in the next few months, now was the time. So we made a quick decision to see if it could sell. He helped line up people to fix up required repairs, even helped replace a contractor that wasn’t up to Richard’s standards! The repairs were not allowed to be just “presentation”, but had to be a quality repair.

When searching for a house, Richard helped bounce ideas off both my wife and I. This helped us figure out what we wanted by listening to us talk back and forth. Wasn’t he spot on! He did many drives out visiting properties without complaint and he was quick with his opinion. But his opinion came only when pressed for it. He did not choose to interfere with our decisions except when he was sure that we could do better if we had a piece of information that he had. From start to finish Richard was helping us along, and stepped aside when he wasn’t adding value.

Without a doubt, we sold our house way higher than without his help and input. And I’m absolutely sure we bought our next one at a far better price than if we did not have his insight.

Good job, and thanks again to the Fournier team!”



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