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With the Toronto market becoming ever more unattainable for most families, heading North seems to be the solution!  Barrie, however, can seem just a step too far away from Toronto for some, while Bradford pricing is too affected by the Toronto market.  Innisfil fits a happy medium for many with is reduced commute to Toronto and it’s affordable price point.  Unfortunately for those moving up, there aren’t many Innisfil houses for sale.

For those of you not familiar with Innisfil or for those who only know it as a beach destination, you are missing out.   With a population of just over 30,000 spread out over roughly 285 square kilometres, Innisfil very much maintains it’s small town charm, while still being extremely accessible via Hwy 400 and GO Transit.  It’s close proximity to Barrie also means that whatever big city amenities a resident desires can still be easily found a short drive away.

In the past few years, the number of new builds and housing starts in Innsifil has skyrocketed.  There are currently 3292 residential units registered with The Town of Innisfil’s Planning Services, with just over 80% already built, as well as 3366 residential units that are draft approved.  Depending on building times, that is nearly 4,000 new dwellings set to come to market in the next few years.  In addition to that is Friday Harbour, an expansive development project bringing in up to 1,600 new dwellings.

How does this affect current Innisfil houses for sale?

Innisfil is expected to grow to 56,000 residents by 2031, which is a 70% growth rate from 2011.  New neighbourhoodds, while being planned, approved and ultimately built, take time.  In the interim, housing prices in Innisfil are steadily rising.  Within the last year, prices have increased 8%.  With so few Innisfil houses for sale in the current market (down 5.3% from last year), the demand is incredibly high as people make the move North and try to capitalize on selling in the GTA market.

For those looking for the upper hand in the property game, we are definitely operating in a seller’s market right now.  Listings that pop up in Innisfil tend to sell quickly, particularly in areas with quick access to GO Transit or Hwy 400.  If you are thinking of selling, call us today!  The Fournier Experience offers free, no-obligation market valuations to help you make the best financial decision for you.





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