Happy 2019 to all our clients and friends – we hope that the holidays were wonderful and that you welcomed the New Year in with flair!

We are really excited to bring you this video as we think it will bring you incredible value! We talk to one of our favourite Industry Experts, Jake Abramowicz from Mortgage Edge, about what 2019 may bring, how it will affect the Real Estate Market, and ultimately, how that will affect YOU!

**Press play to watch the video or scroll down for a video cheat sheet so you can watch the sections most important to you!

Video Cheat Sheet

0:25     Meet Jake

3:07     Jake’s philosophy with clients

7:16      Difference between a Mortgage Broker and a Bank

12:08   Why have we had so many changes with Mortgage Rates and affordability?

16:30   Net Worth Lending Program (what is it and what has changed?)

18:11    How does someone plan with the possibility of a recession looming?

23:00  Is there a way around the stress test? (*Note: this is not the right move for everyone)

25:00  Credit Unions and how they are used

25:27   Jake’s service area

26:06  How can people connect with Jake




Want to connect with Jake? Find all his details below:

Jake Abramowicz (AKA Mortgage Jake)

Mortgage Edge






  1. Judy Jolliffe says:

    I cannot believe that I JUST came across this gem of a video! It makes me even more upset that you Rich, along with Jake, have taught me & helped me MORE than TD bank ever did for me! (And dammit they currently hold all of my investments 🙄)
    Going into 2020 I want to try once again, to purchase a home and I definitely won’t be going to my bank after what they did to me this year. I appreciate all your help Rich and your time spent showing me homes; and Jake too, even though we haven’t met! 😁 Knowledge is power and both of you have immensely educated me in purchasing, home ownership, mtg rates and market “trends”. By the sound of it you are a great team who works with integrity as well as actually listening to your clients in not just finding “a home”, but ensuring they are comfortable in what they’re getting into. Bravo! And thank you so very much to you both! Judy
    (P.s. is there a way for me to “share” this video, with your consent?)

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