Market Update 06/20/2018 | The Fournier Experience

School’s almost out for the summer – but our market isn’t in summer mode.  While we’ve seen months of decreased volume, June seems to be levelling out.

WATCH BELOW for all the details!

  1. Kathryn Wilking says:

    HI RICH!
    Great video today! Thanks for breakdown those numbers for everyone.
    We are heading back to Ontario soon, going to give our house more time to sell… !
    We can talk about adding Staging services to boost the WOW in some of these homes for sale.
    Did i tell you I was hired by Georgian College? We’ve booked 4 workshops through the school year; first one is Staging to Sell Oct 13! The irony is incredible… I’d like to tape an interview with you!
    We will connect when we arrive into town; aiming for the July 16th closing date.
    Warmth, Kathryn

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